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Massage Treatment

2-Hours - IDR 1,200,000 /pax

Jamu /Herbal Massage

The blend is gently applied to penetrate the skin to reduce muscle discomfort and alleviate minor rheumatic condition. With the combination techniques of press and roll, the rhythmic techniques enhance relaxation and a whole new experience of traditional Indonesian ancient recipes

Promo 2-Hours - IDR 600,000 /pax (valid until 31 Jan 2018)

Emperor Massage

Signature massage in a unique combination technique of traditional massage, a four handed massage performed simultaneously by two therapist. Their smooth movement applied onto body creates illusion of one therapist rather than two

Promo 1-Hour - IDR 250,000 /pax (valid until 31 Jan 2018)

Traditional Massage

A Balinese genuine massage technique blend of deep therapeutic tissue massage, using pressure points and stretching technique. An old Balinese Traditional massage techniques applied with long firm strokes creates an energy and feeling of well – being

Promo 1-Hour - IDR 250,000 /pax (valid until 31 Jan 2018)

Balinese Massage

One of the oldest healing systems in the world with herbal oil massage on the forehead in unique therapy designed to relieve mental tension and provide a calm state of mind, combined with traditional massage

Promo 1-Hour - IDR 300,000 /pax (valid until 31 Jan 2018)

Aroma Therapy Massage

Combination Techniques of Indonesian, Swedish, Thai acupressure point and stretching with the use of aromatherapy oil refresh and relax. Soothe the mind by helping to induce senses of well being and relaxation

Promo 1-Hour - IDR 250,000 /pax (valid until 31 Jan 2018)

Tension Relief Massage

Special designed massage technique with the combination techniques of traditional, Hawaiian and pressure points to lose tighten muscle concentrated on back, neck and shoulder to release energy block and creating the feeling of well being