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Body Treatment

Promo 2-Hours - IDR 400,000 /pax (valid until 31 Jan 2018)

Fresh Fruit Spa

Stimulating cleansing treatment consist of massaging your body with fresh Papaya / Strawberry / Banana Body Scrub. Promotes relaxation, removes dead skin cell and cleanses the skin pores. Moisturizing, leaves the skin clean and soften after treatment recommended for dry skin

2-Hours - IDR 1,500,000 /pax

Chocolate Spa

Natural aroma of the chocolate will give special impression, anti oxidant and anti aging, promotes younger and healthier skin, contains polyphenon or known as Vitamin P that prevent skin cancer. These treatment will begin with an Foot Bath ritual , traditional massage, chocolate body scrub, and release skin pores blockage and spa drink are then given to complete this treatment

Promo 2-Hourrs - IDR 400,000 /pax (valid until 31 Jan 2018)

Javanese Lulur

These luxuries well known treatment will begin with traditional massage with flows into exfoliation scrub using yellow colored spices and herb followed by yogurt rub down. A smoothing soaks in scented flower bath and are then provided to complete this treatment.

Promo 2-Hours - IDR 700,000 /pax (valid until 31 Jan 2018)

Premium Wine Spa

This Unique treatment using the world first wine based on cosmetic promoting more young full and beautiful skin. The most important thing that Red Wine eliminates the risk of cancer and contains VIT A, B1/B2 and D. With the Mixture of massage and Body Scrub, this treatment is encouraging state calm and mind. Starting from foot bath ritual, coffee body scrub , wine rub down ,traditional massage , flower bath